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ChessViewer DBMS  v.1.0

The purpose of " ChessViewer DBMS" is to analyze and review Chess games from around the world and to build a personal collection of games for easy retrieval and study. Written in 100% pure

SmallSQL Database - Java DBMS  v.rc

SmallSQL is a 100% pure Java DBMS, a relational database for Java desktop applications. It has a JDBC 3.0 interface and offering many ANSI SQL 92 and ANSI SQL 99 features. It is very small and fast Java library. It does not have a network

Mantis DBMS  v.0.5.4

SQL DBMS Server-Client. Written 100% in Perl which is a motor of flat (multi-files) DataBases autoindexeds and splitted. SQL ANSI-92 compatible query Shell and Web Admin. Multiuser and high users concurrency.

Goodbms - Good Object Oriented DBMS  v.1.0

Good Object Oriented DBMS - Goodbms aims to be a standards compliant OODBMS complete with inheritance, indices, ODL, OQL, and more.

Java Object DBMS  v.1.0

Java Object DBMS stores serialized java objects in a file with keys. The keys are automatically maintained. Heavy use of introspection minimizes programming burden. Future plans include transactions, network (RMI, SOAP) access.

ODO: Real-Time In-Memory ORM/DBMS Grid  v.1.0

ODO is: 1) Real-Time ORM; 2) Real-Time DBMS like TimesTen; 3) Real-Time Grid like Coherence; with deep integration ORM+DBMS+Grid; Last News: ODO Becomes Commercial and public project was frozen.


SQL according to ISO standards, with all features (domains constraintsprocedures collations subqueries etc.) and ODBC 3.0 interface, plusfront end, utilities and samples

Ingres Database Management System (DBMS)  v.1.0

Ingres is a mature, high-performance relational database solution. It offers scalability, integration and flexibility to leverage information resources across a wide range of platforms, including Linux, Unix, Windows, and OpenVMS.

XML-DBMS  v.1.0

Java and Perl middleware for transferring data between XML documents and relational databases.

DbMaster  v.0.7.3

DbMaster is an end-user software to manage DBMS.

DB Solo for Mac OS  v.3.8.2

A cross-platform database development and management tool for developers and admins. DB Solo supports all major DBMS products available today, including Oracle, SQL Server 2000 and 2005, DB2, Sybase, H2, Postgres, MySQL and Solid. Key Features

FuzzyDupes  v.7.0.1

FuzzyDupes (Fuzzy Duplicate Search) will find similar records in address and other databases. You can search in ODBC-datasources, text/CSV-files, MS-Outlook and Windows Address Book. Supported Data Sources / DBMS: · MS-Access · MS

2Tools  v.232

2tools is a set of online CMS maintenance tools: just one click to migrate to/from different CMS; safe configuration settings to upgrade your CMS; easy Data movement to/from DBMS, databases or tables; SQL, XML, XSLT, PHP technologies.All tools are

AcSMTP - MAIL server for Windows  v.3996

acSMTP is a SMTP/POP3/IMAP mail server for Win32. May serve MX hosts and in-LAN mail. Black/white lists for IPs/Emails, RBL spam blocks, DNS Email validation, optional DBMS backend for lists and rules, custom user authorization, AntiVirus

ARIZA: Bug/Request Tracking Tool  v.0.9.5

ARIZA is a bug/request tracking tool coded with PHP in an AJAX approach. It works with favorite DBMS such as PostgreSQL and MySQL. It is being distributed under GPL licence. It is free (as in beer) and free (as in speech) and open

CUBRID Cluster  v.86.64

See CUBRID Cluster is an open source clustered DBMS for high scalability including global schema, distributed partition and load balancing features. It is a spin-off project from CUBRID project and supported by

Dert  v.0.002

Data Entry and Reporting Tool, this is a tool similar to DBase, M$ Acces, and others.Graphical interface (Motif/LessTif),DBMS backends include MySQL, XBase ( and mdb-tools

BizWare/BizTool  v.1.0

BizWare is JavaBeans middleware comprising the "fundamental business logic" tier in N-tier apps. This tier provides a DBMS abstraction layer, enabling developers to focus on complex business logic and not low-level data persistance. BizTool is a tool

DBGate  v.1.1.0beta1

DBGate is a lightweight and fast database front-end wich can connect to every DBMS you like. DBGate is written in PHP and can be accessed by the browser. For the latest news please visit our website

DBPlus  v.01

A Java based interactive Tool to access various databases, the way SQL*Plus does for Oracle.This Tool does it for any DBMS where JDBC is

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